A super useful tool for SEO guys. I use it almost daily for finding content ideas, keyword research, competitor analysis, and a lot more. 


I prefer GeneratePress all the time, using it on this blog as well. It’s a lightweight speed theme. And the best part is their support. I got answers to all my questions and they always solved my problem. 

Google Analytics

I use google analytics for tracking my website visitors and a lot more data gathering. 

Google Drive (Docs and Sheets)

I use google drive to organize my blog post docs, and google sheet which I use for many different purposes like keyword research sheet, content calendar, any analysis with data, etc. 


All the custom images you see on this blog are created using Canva. It’s an easy to use and beginner-friendly graphic design tool. 


I use the free version and use it for personal notes around online marketing, lessons I learn along the way, etc. Although you can use notions for team collaboration.   


I use this for finding email addresses. When collecting email during email outreach or any other reason I use only two tools one is the hunter and the other is (check next tool). It comes with 50 monthly credit and later paid subscriptions with a lot more features. 


Clearbit is my first go-to tool for finding email. It comes with 100 free credits and later paid subscription. It’s easy and gives me more results than other email finding tools.


Whenever I want to record a screen where I don’t need to add anything like animation or notes on video I use loom. It’s super simple. Install the chrome extension and start recording. 

Tools I don’t use regularly but I would recommend

In the part, I recommend tools which I’ve used but I am not using because of a lack of specific need. But if the need comes I would go for these tools.


If you want to record screen and make a video which also involves animation or words. I’ve used this tool for creating youtube videos. And  I would recommend Camtasia for windows users.


Although I use Ahrefs but I do only SEO. If you’re handling PPC or SEO both I think Semrush is a better option than Ahrefs as it gives features to analyze and create an informed PPC strategy.


If my focus is link building and I am sending the bulk of email I would use Mailshake to send the email campaign. It is an easy and useful outreach tool. 

Elementor Pro

Although I prefer not to use elementor or any page builder as much as possible. But If you want to create a fancy homepage or post layout then I will recommend Elementor pro. It makes it easy to create an amazing homepage or post design when you don’t know much about website development or you just want to save your time.