Siteground Review: #1 Affordable WordPress Hosting (No.1 in 12 FB Polls)

Speed 5/5
Uptime 5/5
Security 5/5
Support 5/5
Architecture 5/5
User Friendly 4.7/5
Price 4.7/5


  • Free CDN Cloudflare and Let’s Encrypt SSL (HTTPS) in their cPanel.
  • Amazing Support and Great knowledge about WordPress Sites.
  • Rated #1 in X Facebook Polls.
  • Amazing Speed Technology make you website faster.
  • Officially Recommended by WordPress.
  • Gives Latest PHP7 versions.


  • No Free Domain Name
  • Higher renewal rates
  • Limited storage for cheapest plan

My Verdict

SiteGround is a perfect option if you are searching for Affordable WordPress hosting. It is by far the best WordPress hosting at its price tag. Speed, Reliability and the quality of support are amazing. Also, you’ll get features which are usually provided by high priced hosting services.

If you are thinking of switching the hosting, siteground will do the migration for free.

Like most people I also struggled in finding good and reliable hosting service. After using many hosting like Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage etc. I started doing deep research and came to know that all these mention hosting is a subsidiary of EIG and all of them were not providing good hosting services either. 

Here’s my full story.

I started with Bluehost (I will not recommend this now.).  When I started building website I used to read blog tutorials on building WordPress site. And most of these were recommending Bluehost. So I started using Bluehost.

Back then I have very little knowledge of affiliate marketing and the importance of good hosting. 

I never knew that they were recommending the Bluehost just to make a lot of money because Bluehost gives higher commission per sale for cheaper hosting plans

After using Bluehost and reading few more blogs I realized my site is slow when I checked it on pingdom speed test tool and other similar tools. 

So I switched to godaddy because of its heavy marketing. But the results were worse than Bluehost. 

In the period of 3 years I started around 3-4 websites and tested 5-6 hosting including their support and speed etc. 

Then at one point I came across a blog which clearly showed me why people are recommending Bluehost(for higher commissions) and it also suggested to use siteground. And since then I am using Siteground for all my websites. 

Why I Do Like, recommend and use SiteGround.

1. #1 in Facebook Polls

FB Polls are the best way to get unbiased opinion from real people. 

WordPress Hosting a closed Facebook group sets polls to vote the best WordPress Hosting. And SiteGround comes at the No. 1 Position since 2016. Check screenshots. 

Similarly various other groups ask their members to vote for the Best WordPress Hosting and the results are the same. SiteGround dominance continues in other FB polls as well.

2. Faster website

SiteGround’s speed is the primary reason I use it as well as other people use it. There speed technology includes..

  • Uses Solid State Drive on every plan
  • NGINX server speed
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers
  • Latest PHP7 versions

Always uses Latest PHP7 Version

Latest PHP version ensure that your site doesn’t get hacked and performs better. 

And Siteground always uses the fastest PHP version.

To enable latest version of PHP for your website. Follow these steps, Go to “cPanel” > PHP Version Manager > Select latest version > Save

And if you are using SG Optimizer then it will automatically updates the PHP version if your website(Theme, Plugins) is compatible with it.

3. 99% uptime guarantee

If you ever saw these messages 500 internal server errors, 502 bad gateways, connection failures, it’s because of the hosting problems. 

Almost all the hosting services says they will deliver 99.99% uptime but they usually fails. But this is not the case in Siteground (from my personal experience).

Siteground’s uptime technology is truly amazing which make sure that your site remains live even if you get unexpected traffic spikes. 

4. Automatic WordPress Updates

WordPress Updates fixes bugs, improves performance, add new features and improves site security. In short, it is important to use the latest version of WordPress.

And Siteground does this automatically for you. It automatically updates the WordPress to the Latest version.

And whenever it updates you will receive email like this

Siteground does an excellent job.  

But if you want to change the auto update setting then you do it in cPanel.

5. Amazing Support

In terms of support I have never seen a support team which is so helpful and knowledgeable. 

Most services helps only related to their services or products. But in siteground even if you ask for any help regarding WordPress and not Hosting they are happy to help you. (I have tested this)

And there response time is amazing. Their average response time for ticket is 8 minutes which is a new industry benchmark.  

Using chats their avg time to resolve issue is 5 minutes which is again amazing.

Tweets from people about siteground support.

6. 1-Click Cloudflare Activation

By activating the cloudflare you can use their content delivery network(CDN). Otherwise you have to setup CDN manually in cloudflare official website.

In SiteGround you can easily activate cloudflare in cPanel with 1-click. Go to cPanel → CloudFlare → Activate Free

To further improve the website load time set the “Cloudflare Caching Level” to “Aggressive” from manage → settings tab.

Note: To activate free cloudflare CDN from siteground than your website url must contain “www”. If you want CDN but doesn’t want to include “www” then you have to setup CloudFlare CDN from the cloudflare official site manually.

Interesting fact: WordPress recommends using CloudFlare CDN to improve website performance

7. Multiple Data centers

SiteGround gives 4 data center to choose.

  • Chicago 
  • London 
  • Amsterdam 
  • Milan, or Singapore.  

You can select the server location during the hosting signup process. Choose a server location which is closer to your target audience ( to reduce the geographical distance between your server and audience ). So that your content will waste less time to travel. 

Also, SiteGround use Redundant electrical systems to ensure your website stay live during electrical problems. Bluehost already faced this issue when they experienced a network outage

8. Security

Siteground does its best to secure your website from threats. 

They uses account isolation, Linux containers and latest PHP 7 along with weekly security updates and ongoing patches to ensure website security. 

Still, you should install a plugin like Wordfence and use strong username and password to further make your website safe from attacks.

9. Free Website Migration

Siteground will migrate your website for free and without technical issues.

In my experience they have done the migration within few hours without downtime. Their professional technicians will take care of your website.

You can request the website transfer using their support ticket. 

Improvements after site migration

10. Recommenced by WordPress, Drupal

SiteGround is the only web hosting company which is recommended by WordPres and Drupal. 



Endorsed By Yoast

11. Unbaised positive feedback of SiteGround on Facebook and Twitter

Read the discussions and you’ll get unbaised opinion from people who are actually using sitegound. 


12. Why not to use Bluehost, HostGator, iPage?

If you don’t know than let me tell you all these hosting sites and many other is the subsidiary brands of (EIG). 

EIG is famous for acquisitions for their company growth. But they also have a bad reputation for reducing the quality of web hosts they acquire. 

Millions of EIG customer faced downtime After EIG Data Center In Utah Gets Hit

Michael Carusi wrote an in-depth article regarding EIG and their lousy web hosting service.

13. SiteGround 30-day money back guarantee

SiteGround offers 30-day trial offer to test their hosting service and performance. But I would not recommend using trial offer. Because they charge $24.95 setup fees for a 30 days trial account and if you continue with the hosting service then your $24.95 will be complete waste.

Instead purchase the 1-year or 2-year package and if you don’t want to continue with their hosting service then cancel the service within 30 days and you’ll get a full refund. 

14. SiteGround Server Response Time

Server response time is good metric to check whether you hosting is slow or fast. Quicker the response from the server will quickly loads the website.  

To check the response time you can use bicatcha or bytecheck. It will show you TTFB. 

TTFB = Time take to first byte means how much time is taken between HTTP request generated by user like loading a webpage and receiving the first byte to your browser.

Google recommends to keep the TTFB under 200ms. 



15. Recommend by other Website as well. 

Like me many other have reviewed siteground and recommending it. Here’s some of them. 

Brian Jackson from Woorkup and CMO of Kinsta


Hosting Facts

WP Beginner


Which hosting Plan is Best For You?

The hosting plan work like this, the higher the plan means more resources, higher prices, few more advanced features and better performance and speed. 

SiteGround offers five different types of hosting services. These are…

  • Shared hosting: In this your website will be hosted on a server which is also shared with other websites. It is cost less money and good for beginners and new websites. 
  • WordPress hosting: This plan is a shared hosting plan but optimized for WordPress websites. Your WordPress website will be optimized for performance by SiteGround’s in-house expert WordPress team. 
  • Cloud hosting: As the name suggest the website will be hosted on cloud server. This plan is suitable for large websites that have high traffic. It comes with 2 CPU + 4GB RAM which makes the website super faster. 
  • Dedicated servers: This is for websites who gets large traffic and want a lot of resources to handle it. Dedicated server will make your website ridiculously fast but you have to manage it on your own. 
  • Enterprise hosting: This plan is suitable for website who get even more traffic and doesn’t want to handle server problems. It is for big companies or startups with million dollar fundings. You can also get want custom pricing plan by contacting SiteGround team.

WordPress Hosting Plan

The main difference is resources and storage. As I already said, if go higher with plans you’ll get more server resources and storage. 

SiteGround offers 3 pricing plans


Suitable for those who are starting their first blog or just have 1 website with little traffic (~ 10,000 Visits/month).


Suitable for those who want to host multiple websites or who need faster performance or have a ~ 25,000 Visits/month.  


Suitable for those who don’t want to compromise with speed and also don’t want to pay $80/month for cloud hosting. Good for those who want development features like staging or GIT integration. And Website who are receiving ~ 100,000 Visits/month. 

Visit SiteGround’s Hosting

I hope you find SiteGround review helpful. 

In the end I will recommend using SiteGround. It’s an amazing hosting company.

But it’s also your choice and preference to go with SiteGround or not.  

Either way, if you have any questions let me know by leaving a comment below I’ll be happy to answer them. 

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