Website Quality Audit

I am providing only one SEO service because this is what I can deliver right now. I wanted to provide a quality service to my clients. That is why I am focusing only on one specific SEO service.



Most frequent questions and answers

How much time and fee an audit will take ?

It depends on the size of your site. I usually provide audit reports within 7-10 days.

But if I think the audit will take more than 10 days. I’ll let you know before taking the payment.

Does your audit is generated by software ?

No. Although we use different software to analyze your website from different angles. But every audit is written down by me tailored to your site. Software are just the tools I use to speedup the process.

What information or access you need ?

An audit will require access to Google analytics and Google search console.

If it’s not set up, Don’t worry I’ll setup before I begin.

What is included in a SEO audit report ?

I will cover the following points in our audit report.

  • On-Page Issues
  • Backlink Profile Check
  • Technical Issues
  • Content Audit
  • Site Quality Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • User Experience
  • Competitor Analysis

Every point will be deeply and thoroughly analyzed in the report. And with a To Do list and suggestion to improve your search performance. 

About the Fees.

Fees depend upon the time the site audit will take. If your sites is big and will take more time then the fees will be higher. And I will let you know before any commitment. 

(No. of Hours) x ($45) = Your Fees

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