Best SEO Blogs

In the ocean of SEO Blogs, it becomes hard to know which blog you should follow. There are a lot of people who write good content but we cannot spend all our time in finding worthy to read content. Also, we have limited time in a day and that is why we cannot read every SEO blog. 

So to make it easy. 

Here I mentioning the list of seo blogs which provides value. These blogs don’t publish fluffy content.

I personally go to these blogs to enhance my SEO knowledge and learn something new. And some of them are my go to source for specific kind of information. 

Many blog owners (specially single owner) don’t publish a lot of blog post in a month and that’s how do they maintain their blogpost quality. And this is good for you because then you will not spend your whole time in reading and not executing their advice and techniques.

So, without anymore words. Let’s look at the my personal list of best SEO blogs.

Note: It’s not in ordered form. So don’t think that No. 1 is the best and so on. The list is not in hierarchy. Use these blogs as per requirements and the purpose.


Founder: Brian Dean
Blog type: Single‐author

If you have ever searched for link building and onpage seo then must have come across Backlinko.

This is a great blog for beginner and even for advanced SEO peoples to learn new SEO techniques to increase website traffic. 

One thing I really liked about Backlinko blog is that it usually provides techniques which don’t require expensive SEO tools. And the design of Blog ( which many people in SEO industry don’t give importance).

Highly Recommended for people who are starting out in SEO industry.


Founder: Shaun Anderson
Blog type: Single‐author

Shaun is in the SEO industry for over almost 20 years. So you will definitely get things from an experienced person. 

His long in-depth post will take you from beginner to knowledgable SEO expert. Shaun doesn’t publish blog post frequently in a month but when he does it is worth reading. 


Founder: Dmitry Gerasimenko but he doesn’t write blog post.
Blog type: Multi‐author

Ahref blog and its content is mostly handled by Tim Saulo and Joshua Hardwick. 

Ahrefs is a popular tool in SEO industry. And their blog is among the popular SEO blogs. Its because of their consistently producing quality content.

If you are the person who uses ahrefs tool then definitely their blog is gold mine to learn new things you can do with their tool. 

But even if you don’t use Ahrefs tool then still you should read their blog post. Because they also produce research data and analysis from their own data which are also worth reading.  


Founder: Glen Allsopp
Blog type: Single‐author

If you want to learn SEO secret that no one shares than is the place for you. His blog posts are different from others and you won’t find the tactics he shares anywhere else. 

Glen doesn’t publish new blog post regularly on this blog and he is also a self-confessed introvert. That is why chances are that you didn’t heard of him before now. But after reading his articles you might feel like an SEO ninja. 

Even if he is introvert and doesn’t show up in publically but his work and techniques get noticed by a big publisher, industry experts and even Google.

If you want to learn his techniques then go and sign up his newsletter.  

Robbie Richards

Founder: Robbie Richards
Blog type: Single‐author

Robbie’s is kind of similar to Shaun. He also doesn’t publish regularly. But his single post is enough to learn new SEO technique and speed up SEO stuff.

His blog post will help you to learn new techniques for increasing traffic and ranking.  

Diggity Marketing

Founder: Matt Diggity
Blog type: Single‐author

The one thing I really liked about diggitymarketing is that it provides SEO knowledge based on the tests. 

Matt Diggity shares what actually worked for him and his clients even if it is small thing like anchor text optimization. Most blog don’t cover things like this. But I think in SEO even small thing matters and that is why I recommend you read his blog.

Kevin Indig

Founder: Kevin Indig
Blog type: Single-author

Kevin Indig was the Head of technical SEO @ Atlassian. And currently, Mentor for Growth @ German Accelerator. 

As he is the person who knows SEO but also knows how to grow the company. 

In his blog you will find articles related to SEO, content marketing, business growth, growth marketing. 

I am sharing you his blog because I believe that the purpose of SEO is not only to get higher ranking but also to help in growth of the company or business.  

His blog post will help you to become good at SEO along with business growth and building a company.


Founder: Barry Schwartz
Blog type: Single‐author

Seroundtable is a news website. In constantly changing industry like SEO we should be stay updated with recent Google updates and changes. And Seroundtable is the website which publishes these updates before anybody else.  

For SEO news I rely on Seroundtable and Google Webmaster Blog.

Highly Recommended for SEO News.


Founder:  Rand Fishkin
Blog type: Multi‐author 

Moz is well know name in the SEO industry. And the reason behind it is there in-depth and detailed blog post around SEO. 

I generally use it as a wiki of SEO i.e whenever I want to learn the basics I go to Moz. But you can use it as your learn source for clearing basics SEO concepts as well as to know what’s currently the right SEO techniques to improve your website performance in google.

Highly recommended to learn the basics of SEO.

Marie Haynes

Founder: Marie Haynes
Blog type: Single‐author

Maire is a well-known expert in SEO industry specifically when it comes to Google penalty. 

But her blog helps to understand how Google uses different factors to rank websites. 

I specially go to her blog to read google hangout notes. It’s actually a time saving thing. You don’t need to watch whole hangout session or read the complete blog. 

SEO by the SEA

Founder: Bill Slawski
Blog type: Single‐author

Bill Slawski unfolds how google works and what it’s working on by analyzing Google’s patent and whitepaper.

And don’t worry about the complex language of white papers and patents because Bill turn these into simple and easy to understand language.

This is a go to resource for people who wants to know why Google do what it do.  

Authority Hacker

Founder: Gael Breton & Mark Webster
Blog type: Multi‐author

As many freelancer and marketers do affiliate marketing. That is why I can’t ignore this blog.

AuthorityHacker is a well-known website in the affiliate marketing industry. Not only it publishes blog related to affiliate marketing but also related to WordPress and SEO.

Gael and Mark are building authority sites since 2013 and in that process, they enhanced their skills and knowledge. And building and growing affiliate sites help them to learn what SEO techniques work and what doesn’t. That’s the good thing about them. They share things that they have tested and worked. 

Highly Recommended for affiliate marketers. 

Blogs which mostly revolves around technical SEO. And these are my go the place for technical SEO.


Founder: Richard Baxter
Blog type: Multi‐author

Many SEO blogs do not cover technical SEO. But it is part of SEO and you can’t ignore it if you want to be good at SEO. 

Builtvisble is my go to resource for learning technical SEO. Their blog post are filled with quality content that give the knowledge as well as steps to execute them.

I mostly read their blog to learn scrapping.


Founder: Ryan Siddle
Blog type: Single‐author

Merj publish only technical SEO post in a roundup style. 

You can use it as monthly technical SEO news or collection of whole months technical updates in the SEO industry. And that is why you will see only one post per month in his blog. 

Recommended for checking monthly Technical SEO Updates.

G-Squared Interactive (GSQi)

Founder: Glenn Gabe
Blog type: Single‐author

Glenn has a experience of 23 years. 

If you ever wanted to go beyond keyword research and link building in SEO. I think then you must read his blog. 

His blog post will help you to understand what Google is doing currently and how you can improve your website and its performance on Google. 

These are my go to source for Website Speed Opimization.

Online Media Masters

Founder: Tom Dupuis
Blog type: Single‐author

If you ever wanted to increase your WordPress site speed then in my knowledge this is the best blog I have ever come across. 

His blog posts are long and focused on website speed optimization and WordPress SEO. 

Every blog post is very detailed and filled with step by step actions.

Highly Recommended for WordPress Speed Optimization. 


Founder: Patrick Sexton
Blog type: Single‐author

This is also a blog which focuses on website speed. If OnlineMediaMaster gives step by step guide than Varvy will tell you how actually website speed increases. What’s happening in the backhand. 

The thing I really like about this blog is that it explains thing in such a simple language that it becomes very easy to learn things. 

If you are a beginner and with little technical knowledge but want to learn how and why website speed increase. Then definitely read his blog. 

I would suggest if you want to learn about website speed and how to implement website speed optimization steps then read both OnlineMediaMaster and Varvy.