Learn SEO Basics and its Fundamentals (Start your SEO Sucess Journey)


SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.

For Definition,

Every SEO expert has its own definition of SEO. And Here’s mine (I’m not an expert still based on my understanding and knowledge)

SEO is a practice that helps in getting maximum traffic from search engines without paying to search engine.

Before you get into details of SEO. It is very important and I highly recommend you to learn how search engine works.

Just watch the whole video and learn it properly.

Now there are few terms (mentioned in the video) you might not be familiar with like hyperlink, crawl, spider etc. Don’t worry. I’m going to cover everything. And after reading this post you’ll be ready to learn advanced techniques and strategies. You will not feel like an outsider.

Let’s start with few basic terms ( terms that has used in this video )

Here I’ll use Google as our primary search engine because it is the biggest search engine in the world. But all other search engine like Bing, Yahoo etc. works in a similar way and have similar terminologies.

Let’s Begin

What is Index?  In simple language, it is a big container. In that container google stores web pages. So you can say Index is a database of web pages. And Google has a huge database which stores trillions of webpages.

With the above image, I think you get the idea of Index.

Google just not blindly put the web pages in its Index or Database or Container. It also reads the content, knows the URL(location) of each web page.

What is Crawl? It is a process which is done by crawler or spider (a software program). So What happens in this process? Ans. Google discover new or updated web pages by following hyperlinks, using sitemaps, and by many other methods. Usually by following hyperlinks in the web pages or using sitemaps of websites.

What is hyperlink? Ans. Links you see on the web pages. Shown in the image.

Text above red line contains a hyperlink.

And the text in which the hyperlink is insert is known as Anchor Text. See the below image.👇

In this image Ubersuggest is a anchor text which has a hyperlink.

Now you know how search engine works and few terminologies.

Before we move forwards. Let’s know what is the purpose of learning SEO. Knowing the purpose will help you to understand the “why of each step” why we included the particular steps.

The purpose of the SEO is get the web page on page one and get traffic without giving money to search engines. We want to get on the page one because this is where the most traffic comes. Only fraction of people goes to second page and click on results. So, page one and position one is our ultimate goal of SEO.

Let’s Start

To rank on position one on page one. Firstly, your web page should be in Google’ Database.

But How do you know that you web page is in google’s Database.

Simple, type “site:[exact url of webpage]”. If google shows results it means it is in Database and if not then your webpage is not indexed yet.

If your site is indexed the search result will look like this.

Google is showing the exact URL in results

And if its not indexed. You’ll see something like this.

Showing No Results

Generally new sites won’t show in google results because they are not indexed. To quickly put your web pages in google’s database, you need to do three things.

  1. Create Sitemap of Website.
  2. Create Search Console Account
  3. Verify you website in Search Console and submit the sitemap in search console.

Learn how to create sitemap. (First Step after creating a website)

Learn search console

Learn how to verify website and submit sitemap in search console.(From xyz) (Second step after creating the sitemap a website)

After doing above 3 three steps you know that your web pages is now in google’s database. You can check using “site:” search operator. Sometimes it takes 48 hours to show your website after submitting the sitemap.

But, still your website isn’t on page one and that is our goal.

To get the on the page one and position one we need to do lot of things. And all these things comes under SEO.

Now, I am going to discuss important elements of SEO.

About every element I will give you the fundamental or you can say basic understand of each element.

Keyword Research

Let’s know what is keyword?

Keyword is the idea or topic which describes the content of the web page. In simple terms, It is the words you type in google search bar when searching for any information.

Get the in-depth knowledge on keyword and its type.

Coming back to keyword research. And the question comes, Why we do Keyword Research?

The answer is, for a new website you do keyword research to plan the content. Or You can use keyword research for your next blog post idea.

The purpose behind the Keyword research is to know what people are looking for in your industry. For Example if you have a fitness website. Keyword research will help you to know what information people are looking for in fitness and what are the words(or Keywords) they are using it to get the information.

Because we should know that for what keyword we are trying to optimize our webpage to get on page one.

Sometimes people create the web page and it ranks on page one but no one is search for the information you have provided. To avoid this situation we do keyword research. We want to create the webpage on which people in your industry is looking for ( by looking at  search volume ). And want to rank it on page one so that we can get maximum audience.

What is Search Volume? It is part of keyword research which shows how many times particular keyword is searched in a month.

If we are not providing the information what your user (your potential customer) are looking for then it doesn’t matter if you rank on page one or page five. You will get zero or useless traffic.

After finding the keyword we can create web page around it that maybe blog post, product page etc. And will use SEO techniques to get that web page on Page 1.

Now you have a basic understanding of keyword and what keyword research is and why we do it.

But how do we actually do keyword research. There are many way you can do it. You do it using SEO Tools that can be paid or free. Or you can mix your own intuition with some seo tools. It depends on the situation.That’s why I have a full dedicated blog post on keyword research.

Learn Keyword Research

Now lets learn about the two important factors about SEO.

Google uses lot of factors in its algorithm while ranking the particular webpage. These factors are broadly divided into two parts know as On Page and Off Page. As the they both helps in ranking the site on google search result that is why they are the part of SEO and called as On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO

On Page = Relevancy of website.

On Page activities helps in increasing the relevancy of website or webpage towards your target keywords.

It involves all the activities that you do on your own website and individual webpage in order to rank on Google.

These activities are:

Improving Site Architecture

Improving Content Quality

Clean Coded website

Optimizing for Good UI/UX


These are just the broad categories of activities that comes under SEO. It involves lot of small tasks as well.

Basically what we do in OnPage is to optimizing the whole website and the individual webpages for people and google algorithm.

Now why I am saying On Page = Relevancy. Let’s say you are searching for “weight loss tips”. Now if our webpage has title which consist of keyword weight loss tips, our content also has keywords weight loss tips or weight loss activities etc. These all things shows that our webpage is relevant to show up in search results when someone type “weight loss tips”.

Off Page SEO

Off Page = Popularity of Website

Off page activities help in increasing Popularity and authority of the website

It involves the activities that we do not do on our own website or webpage in order to rank on google. All the outside activities that we do to get higher ranking comes under Off Page SEO

These activities are:

Getting Backlinks (It mean other websites are giving links to your website)

Social Media promotion


The most amount of time people spent in Off Page activity is involved in getting backlinks. So, it is better to get clear understanding of backlinks. Because it is one of the critical factor that helps in improving Google rank.

Backlinks. Here’s the quick look at backlinks.

So, Why Google gives importances to backlink? Because backlinks is act like votes. Simple, If many website giving votes (backlinks) to one particular webpage. Google consider that page as a very trusted source of information.

Now you know why I wrote Off Page = Popularity. It’s because of votes (backlinks).

But, Every backlinks is not consider as a vote. It has types.

There are two types of backlinks.

No-Follow (not considered as a vote)

Do-Follow (considered as a vote)

As you know Google crawl website using links. It goes from one page to another page following links.

No-Follow links: Google does not follow no-follow links. It mean Google will not move towards another page and craw it.

Do-Follow: Google will follow the do-follow links. It means Google will crawl the page that do-follow links points towards.

Generally people wants do-follow links from big website or industry related websites.

Now-a-days, Google is very smart and it is giving importance to only backlinks coming from relevant sites (industry related websites). Having a Do-Follow link from a low relevancy site has a lower impact on ranking than a backlink from closely related site.

Now comes FAQs

What is Black hat and White Hat SEO ?

Black Hat SEO: Using SEO techniques or doing activities both on page and off page which google doesn’t like (violation of Google’s Guidelines).

White Hat SEO: Techniques and activities both on page and off page on which google has no problem.

What is Organic traffic ?

The traffic we get without paying money to search engines like google, bing etc is known organic traffic.

In the above image, you can see Google show results with and without ad. If you click on Ad links (result page) then Google will take ad fee from that site. Because the site is paying Google to list on its Page 1.
So, as paying google for getting traffic does not comes under SEO (as I already said) and thus it is not considered as organic traffic. It will come under paid traffic.

The pages are shown after the Ad link has no [Ad] box. This shows that the page is not an advertisement and the site does not have to pay money to Google when someone clicks on these pages. So the traffic these pages are getting comes under organic traffic.

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