You can Increase Website Traffic with just these 5 Quality Techniqes


This is not a post which will show your 25 and so tips to increase website traffic.

In this post, I am going to give the 4 techniques which you can use to get more website traffic.

The techniques I am sharing here doesn’t involve writing a new blog post. Although producing new blog post also increases the traffic. And you should be producing new and fresh content on a consistent basis. Like 5 blog post in a month if it’s more than choose 2 or even 1 per month but stay consistent. Let’s not go into the details of this.

But note that adding content to old post is required in some of the techniques.

Let’s get started!

Technique First: Increasing the ranking of low hanging fruits.

Low hanging fruits are the keywords which are ranking in between 5-15 or 5-20. These are the keywords which has the potential to rank in top 5. Our goals here is to increase the ranking of low hanging fruits in top 5 in a period of 3 months.

But why are we taking keyword 5-10? Here the quick stats on page 1 results.

Image Source: Links Management

Around 70% of traffic taken by the first five results. That is why don’t try to rank in page 1 try to rank in top 5.

Now finding the low hanging fruits is not enough. As I said we are taking the time period of 3 months. Because we want quick traffic gains.  That is why we also need to filter the low hanging keyword which are possible to rank in top 5 within 3 months.

Let’s walk through the whole process. I am using ahrefs. You can also use semrush.

First, go to site explorer and insert your domain.

Now go to organic keyword and use these filters.

KD<20, Vol>500, Position 5-15 (for the larger site which has large organic keywords) or 5-20(small sites having less organic keyword).

Now Export the list of keywords.

The exported list contains all the keyword which are currently ranking in between 5-15 or 5-20(whatever you have chosen.)

Now you need the check each keyword.

One by one go through each keyword to ensure that whether you can rank your page on that keyword on page one within 3 months. Don’t get fooled by KD. These are good but can be misleading.

Check the serp and see the results. Know which sites google are preferring to rank(product page, blog post, video etc.).

Check what’s missing in your content. (It can be bad UI, On page, backlinks etc.)

Here is the demo using ahref

Technique Second: Increase referral traffic

There are no. of the way you can increase referral traffic. But I am writing about which I prefer.

You can use this method for an old or new blog post.  

1. Use Quora

I know writing Quora answer takes time. And sometimes it doesn’t give you enough traffic.

Still, it’s a good place to get the long term referral traffic while increasing your name and awareness.

Note: If your site is new then Quora is a good place for you. Getting quick referral traffic on a newly written blog post from Quora gives you the motivation to promote it more.

But don’t invest too much of time on it. Try to write an only 2-3 question on Quora weekly. It isn’t going to take much time. I would say give only 20 minutes 3 times a week for writing the quora answer. That’s only 1 hour 10 minutes.

Don’t write an in-depth answer. Only write a summary of your blog post and link your blog post as a go-to source for the full article. This will saves time while writing an answer and brings the person to your site

2. Blog commenting

Don’t think blog commenting is of no good. There are 3 advantages of blog commenting.

  1. It can bring referral traffic.
  2. It can help in building a relationship
  3. It helps in crawling your page. (if you insert your post link)

It is not a good strategy if you are doing blog commenting for just one thing. Then it will be a bad investment of time. I would blog commenting if can achieve all the three things.

To do that you need to first find out relevant blogs which already has a traffic base and you want to make relations with. Make a list of around 50 such blogs. Make sure they approve blog comment and also replies to the comments. Even if the website if good and famous but they don’t reply to comments. Don’t invest your time there. You are not going to make relations with them.

After that setup the rss feed using Iftt (learn more). So that whenever they publish you’ll get the notification and you’ll among the early commenters on the blog.

And comment on these blogs regularly. Write a helpful and long comment. Try to add content to their post what they have not covered. This will grab the authors attention and they will also reply or connect with you because you have just shared something which they don’t know.

Note: This might not be a good technique in some industries. Sometimes its very hard to find blogs which approve the comment and also replies to the comment.

Techniques Third: Find out evergreen post you’ve written and updated it, promote it.

If you have written a post on an evergreen post which is not getting enough traffic. Then its time to work on it. Make sure the post you have chosen shouldn’t be in top 5. Otherwise, it won’t give a good ROI on your time.

Make a list of evergreen post. And relaunch it.

Start looking at the gaps by reading blogs, watching videos etc. i.e information you have not covered. Also, repurpose it i.e make a video, slide, pdf etc. for promoting it on different channels.

Then start promoting it. Promote your new blog, your video on youtube, slides on slideshare. You got my point.

Technique Fourth: Include Long tail keyword.

Sometimes your blog post is ranking in top 5 for your target keyword. In that case, it seems like you can’t do anything. Wrong. There are lot of longtail keyword you might be missing. Getting rank on these long tail keywords can significantly improve the traffic.

Here’s the thing.

Check each blog post which is ranking in top 5 and the missing potential long tail keywords. Then optimize the post for the long tail keyword.

To find out long tail keywords you can use ahref or semrush. I am using ahrefs to demonstrate the process.

Techniques Fifth: Improve Your Organic Click-Through Rate

This is very simple technique. You just need to expirement with the serp snippet of your page..

Sometimes your pages are ranking but they have low CTR which means less traffic. Also having bad CTR affect ranking of the page in a long run.

Here Your goals is to improve the CTR via Page Title, meta description and adding rich snippet if you haven’t (for certain type of pages).

So what you need to do is..

Figure out pages which are ranking in page 1 of google and has low CTR  and then experiment with their page title.

To get these pages checkout this video.

Now, mostly you are experimenting with your Page Title. So I found this good article on increasing the CTR.

Few Suggestions.

1.) After changing the page title if you loose the rank then wait for 2 weeks and see if ranking comes back or not. After 2 weeks if page is still not ranking then switch back to old page title.  

2.) If you don’t loose the rank after changing the page title then wait for 1-2 month and compare the results i.e Old CTR vs New CTR. If CTR is increased then its a good news and if its decreased switch back to old or try to write better Page Title.

The advantage of using this techniques is that after a certain period of time you’ll get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Special case scenario.

Fixing Keyword Cannibalisation

Keyword cannibalization means the same keyword is targeted on multiple pages. This confuses Google to which page it should rank.

Sometimes by mistake, you cover the same topic on two different blog post. And as you cover the same topic it creates a problem because Google doesn’t know which is the best result to show up in the search result.

In that case, you need to combine all the pages into a single post and 301 redirect the other pages to one single post. After combining the multiple posts you will have a long in-depth post which covers the whole topic. Now you have an epic post with an advantage. Because an epic post has higher chances of getting links and ranking. You will get better results for your outreach efforts.


Increasing the traffic is all about finding the opportunity and grabbing it. It’s not the matter of just getting backlinks. Offcourse backlinks can be part of the process but not the only way of increasing the traffic.

You can use all the four techniques individually or together with each other. It depends on you how you leverage these techniques.

If you have interesting technique. Let me know in the comments.


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