How to start a PHOTOGRAPHY Blog: Simple (Yet Awesome) Guide

Do you want to start a photography blog?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Because in this post I’ll cover:

  1. Domain Name Ideas
  2. Keywords to target
  3. Monetization Angles
  4. Promotion Ideas and Channels
  5. Lots more.

By the end of this post, you’ll be ready to start a photography blog. Promise.

Let’s get started.

Table of Content
What is a Photography Blog?
Should You Even Start A Photography Blog?
What Are Some Successful Examples Already Out There?
Starting a Photography Blog (6-Steps)

What is a Photography Blog?

A photography blog is a blog about photography that shares tips, advice, and helpful guides to his readers. Usually run by a single author whose passion and expertise is in photography.

Of course, bigger photography blogs have a team of 5-6 people or maybe more to handle all the activities involved in running a successful blog. Example

Should You Even Start A Photography Blog?


If you’re passionate about photography and want to start a blog around it. Then YES. You should start a photography blog. It is a passion-based niche so if you provide good content you’ll get a lot of loyal readers. 

Also, photography blogs can be monetized in multiple ways which means you can earn full-time income. (more on that later).

But, if you just want to start it as an affiliate website then again it’s a good niche.

What Are Some Successful Examples Already Out There?

It’s a great sign to have a successful blog in the photography niche. WHY? Because it validates that this niche is lucrative and can be a full-time business for you. 

Also, you can learn from them. What’s good and bad in their site, content. And from there, you can deliver what they are missing. Inshort you can fill the gap.

That said, Here are 3 examples of successful photography blogs:

Digital Photography School (Ahrefs Traffic: 421K) (Similar Web Total Visits: 1.38M)

Darren Rowse from Problogger is also the founder of this blog. It covers topics for beginners to advanced level photographers. Helping them improve their photography skills with helpful guides.

It also has a digital course on photography. And the best part is that you can earn a 40% commission by selling their course.

Photofocus (Ahrefs Traffic: 15.4K) (SimilarWeb Total Visits: 85.02K)

Another dedicated blog on photography run by a team. Besides photography, they cover articles related to videos, photo editing software. It’s actually a magazine. 

Also, they are a store section from there you can buy eBook, photography gear, software etc.

Photography Life (Ahrefs Traffic: 462K) (SimilarWeb Total Visits:1.29M)

Photographylife is another authority photography site with a simple and classic design. They cover photography guides, tips, product reviews, etc. And the forums here are an active community of photographers.

Starting a Photography Blog

Step 1: Domain Registration

A domain name is going to be the name of your site. 

It’s hard these days to find a good domain name that is not registered yet.

But, don’t worry I did a bit of work for you already. Here’s the good domain name you can register.

I know the domain name is a personal choice. Still, I think these are good names and if you are struggling to find a good domain name you can pick any of these.

Step 2: Hosting and Domain Registration

As a beginner I would suggest you to register a domain name where you’ll be going to host your photography blog. 

And I suggest Siteground for hosting. It is a great hosting. Their customer support is very helpful. So, if you struggle with anything in your site you can just ask for their support and they will do the job for you most of the time. And I think for beginners it’s good to have amazing support from hosting.

Now, here’s how you can register these domain names and hosting in siteground. 

Step 3: What Keywords to target?

If you’re a beginner you might be struggling with this step.

Where you should start. What keywords you should target first. 

Then, this part is for you. 

Keyword research is not an easy task. Sometimes many people quit at this step when they see there is no opportunity left for them. 

But again, I did the initial work for you.

Keyword research is already done for you.

These are the keywords that you can target first. These have low difficulty and high chances to rank higher. Also, these are money page keywords i.e reviews post. So if they rank you can make money and continue with your project. 

nikon d3100 lenses01100
nikon d3000 lenses0900
nikon d5200 lenses1450
memory cards for nikon d33000300
best nikon lens for landscape3250
best lenses for nikon d71000200
best lens for canon 70d0200
best lenses for canon rebel t51200
canon rebel t3i memory card0150
nikon d7000 lenses270
Data from Ahrefs

I didn’t add any informational posts to this list. Because I am going to add those in the next step. 

Step 4: Link Building

To build an authority photography blog you need backlinks.

In link building, whatever angle works for you. You can follow it. But in this section, I am going to share two commonly used link building strategies with a bit of extra work completed for you.

First is the skyscraper technique. 

If you don’t know about this, a quick brief, In this technique we find the content which has attracted a lot of backlinks and we create a better 10X content on that same topic. After that we’ll reach out to all those blogs who gave the links and ask them for links. 

So, to start a skyscraper campaign, you need skyscraper topics. And here’s list of skyscraper topics

photography basics
photography tips
portrait photography tips
Wedding photography tips
Landscape photography tips

I picked a lot of “tips” articles. Reason: I think it will be easier for you to outreach. You can Pitch for Photography Tips Hub. If they came to your site and see you have a hub for photography tips. They might think it’s a good source to send their readers. 

Next, Guest Posting

It is the most commonly used link building technique. 

What do you do in this? You reach out to other bloggers and pitch them whether you can write a blog post for their site or not. If they say yes, you’ll write a blog post, insert a link back to your site and send it to a blogger for publishing it on their blog. Once they publish you receive a link from their site. 

Again, it’s not worth writing a guest post for every other photography blog. 

It’s better to publish a guest post on good authority sites. 

So here’s a good list of sites you can pitch them for guest posts. 

Step 5: Make Money With a Photography Blog

Photography is a niche with many monetization angles. One angle I already covered in the keyword research part i.e affiliate marketing. So, let’s begin with this first.

Affiliate Marketing

You earn commission by writing reviews. 

It’s easy if you can rank and I have already shared a list of keywords that you can target. 

You can join amazon affiliate program or other affiliate program on photography products like this.

Selling Courses

You can make money by selling your own photography course.

In fact, your profit will be higher if you sell your own course. That’s the reason why so many online marketers are selling their own online courses.

Selling eBooks

If you think making videos and building a course is hard. Then you can write an eBook and sell it to your audience. 

You can write multiple books and create a separate page on your blog for selling it. 


Ads are one more way to make money from your photography blog. I don’t recommend it. It’s my personal preference because it creates a bad user experience in my opinion. But still, it’s .way to make money.   

Selling your Service

You can even sell your service. If you’re good at photography or photo editing then you can attract clients by building a sales landing page like this.

Or you can give paid workshops like this

Step 6: Promotion 

You set up the site, you wrote an awesome article. Now what. 

People aren’t going to come to your newly created site which hasn’t started ranking. 

Even if you write super in-depth awesome content, you should promote it. So that people know an awesome piece of content on photography exists.

And this is where most beginners either stuck or don’t even promote. They don’t know where they should promote their content and site. 

So to make things easier for you. I am listing some active forums and groups where you can promote your site and post. 



Facebook Groups you can join


Note: Do not start promoting your content the minute you join them. They will ban you. Try to be a valuable person in that group. That means helping others even if you can’t promote your post. 

Another good channel is Quora. It’s a great channel to get referral traffic.

But again, it needs some research to find the right answer.  

Here are some questions you can answer.


The best part about these questions: They rank on google and get organic traffic. Also, they have few answers which mean your answer can rank. 


After setting up your WordPress site. You need to add your site in Google Search Console and google analytics.

  • GSC for submitting your site to google so that your site can appear in google search.
  • GA for tracking all website traffic.

You can do this with the help of these guides.

  • How to Setup GA and GSC for a new Blog
  • GA can be set up via gtm or plugin or insert code.

Over to You

There you have it: a complete guide on starting a photography blog.

Now I’d like to hear from you…:

What are your thoughts on this guide?

Did I miss something? Or Do you have any questions?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.