4 Things Which I found common in Backlinko and Apple (Their Succes Secret)


Backlinko is no doubt an awesome SEO blog and if you are an SEO guy you would know about it.

But besides SEO I learn something more from Backlinko which I found that it is similar to what Apple is doing.

If I summarize the whole blog in one line it would be “focus on a few things and do them better than anybody else”

There are many seo blogs on the internet and they also produce high-quality posts. And the also get good results. But what makes Backlinko unique is that it gets the same results with much less content than other website produce.

Which I think played a major role in Backlinko success.

Now let’s know about What similarities I have found in Backlinko and Apple.

And what you can learn from it.

#1 Focus

Focus and simplicity brought Apple from near bankruptcy in 1997 to the most valuable brands in the world. Steve jobs cut down 70% of Apple’s products. Started focusing on only 4 products. Then slowly started introducing other products like iPhone, iPad and now iWatch. And this is what Backlinko did and still doing it.

Initially, Brain used to write a blog post only about link building and then slowly starts covering other SEO topics.

Where many seo blogs with time, lose the focus and starts writing about social media, email marketing, funnel optimization, etc. Whereas Backlinko stayed focus on just SEO and now it is TOP SEO blog.

In fact, In my opinion, he treats his blogpost as his products. And here’s why I think.

  1. He produces high-quality blog just like Apple produces his products. From blog design and content to images he focuses on every detail just like Apple does.
  2. He keeps updating his old blogs like Apple and other companies keep updating their products every year.

Lesson: Have a laser-like focus is important to make your product and service great and to stand out from crowds. It’s better to provide a few great products (or the blogpost) than a lot of ok products.

#2 Grab the Good Make it Great

Brian Dean does it a lot. He named this technique as Skyscraper Technique. And Apple also used to do it. Apple does it with iPod, iPhone and with iPad. All these products are not invented by Apple but Apple made it so good that other’s companies failed to compete against it.

Good artist copy, Great Artists Steal. And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.

~Steve Jobs

Brian Dean who clearly tells in his skyscraper technique that finds the link-worthy ( means content which people already liked, wants to read and give backlinks ) and makes it much better content then it. And this technique works great for him and for other websites as well.

Lesson: Be careful about the topic on which you write. Don’t try to write content on every single topic. Grab the great opportunities and leave everything else side.

#3 Simplicity

Apple is known for providing simplicity in their products. That’s why the iPhone has only one button. Similarly, Backlinko also put efforts into making its blog post simple.

Backlinko’s blog post is well written and easy to understand. He provides step by step process which makes it easy for anyone to learn the concept and apply it. Just check his SEO tools post. Where everybody just makes a simple list he made it simple for the visitor to choose the type of SEO tools they are looking for by setting filter option.

He also does with his guides as well. Breaking the long post with content topics.

Lesson: Treat your blogpost like it is your product (as I already said that I think Brain treats is blogpost like a product). Make it easy for your audience to consume or use your blogpost. Give a great experience. For website it means improve your UX.

#4 Quality over Quantity

Backlinko has around 160 URLs which contain content including URL of the homepage, blog, privacy page etc. I am not going to reveal how I got this but its simple to get this. And as per my knowledge he started Backlinko in 2012 and now its 2019.

So if I take 6 years and do the math it’s around 2 blog post per month. It is clear that he is not going after quantity.

Now let’s take look at Apple’s product line. It has only 4 major products iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other minor products like music, Apple pay. Compared to Samsung electronics which makes every tech product you can imagine. But still Apple makes more money than Samsung electronics.

You can check Apple’s product line on the header of their website. That’s it. All product in just one line.

And Brian Dean not only does in Google but also in Youtube as well.

With just 25 videos he has 197k Subscribers.

Now let’s compare it with other similar Youtube channels

Neil Patel:  367 Videos and 297K Subscribers

Moz: 599 Video and 54K Subscribers

Ryan Stewart: 98 Videos and 17K Subribers.

That doesn’t mean they provide low quality video content. In fact, I watch content from all these channels but still you can see the difference of quantity. The point I want to make here is that you don’t need quantity to perform better. Focus on producing high quality fewer content.

Lesson: Don’t compromise on quality. Nowadays quality performs better than quantity. Don’t be mediocre. Try to set the benchmark. Specially if you are beginners then don’t go after quantity because with limited resources you can’t compete with a big blog who have money and team to execute better than you.

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