About the Growth Pix


Hi, I am Divyanshu Jangid and I am the person behind Growth Pix.

I started growth pix to share what I know and learning with various different sources. I thought I should build a website where I can share my own thoughts and the things I have learned about SEO from various different sources.

The blog post is written with the purpose to help freelancers, startups and in-house marketers with a limited budget to learn about SEO, speedup SEO stuff and grow their business.

Honestly, I truly believe that there are helpful information available in different sources which you are not aware of.

So, What I am trying to do is putting my thoughts as well as putting the best information I get from various resources and condensing it and giving it to you so that you don’t have to go at 10 different places. 

The main purpose of writing blog post is to make this website more helpful and useful to other people than me. 

Now, many people would say I am sharing the things which I haven’t tried. Not really. I will be sharing what I have tried and experimented. But there are many other good techniques or strategies out there which I can’t test every single of them. That’s why I am sharing to the people. And I am only sharing those which I strongly believe would work if done right. 

Our Philosophy

“Pick what’s important and ignore the rest. Be totally ruthless in this.”