About Us

About the Growth Pix


Hi, I am Divyanshu Jangid and I am the person behind Growth Pix.

My story starts with trying to open my own eCommerce business. But later I realized that in the online world especially in eCommerce it is very hard to make money if you are not ranking on Google. This is the time I realized I need to do SEO to rank my eCommerce business. Although my eCommerce business never took off but I got fascinated by SEO and started digging about SEO all day. I learned SEO and joined a startup as a Junior SEO executive and then joined another startup where I handled all the marketing channel which can drive organic traffic but the main focus was SEO. Meanwhile, I also started my other website to test and learn few other things. So, that’s how I started SEO journey.

Soon I realized there is so many startups and companies are opening in India but there are handful of good SEO agencies. So I started Growth Pix and now I am running this SEO Agency which provides SEO services to Indian businesses.

Our Philosophy

“Pick what’s important and ignore the rest. Be totally ruthless in this.”