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The Framework

We use framework and processes to ensure doing things faster without losing the quality to grow your business and get results faster.

This is how we run every “SEO” campaign.

1. Learning2. Improving3. Creation4. Promotion5. Evaluation

In this stage, we learn about your business and your business goals, analyze your data and do competitive research to create a winning strategy.

This stage will help us to invest the time and resources on the right things to bring results faster and better.

Things we do in this stage.

  1. Data Analysis using Google Analytics, Search console and industry SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs to understand your current situation. We also check whether your data tracking system is properly setup or not.
  2. Questions Doc to understand your business, website, and customer. As we are business-driven SEO agency and you know your business better than us so these onboarding questionnaires will help our team to quickly understand your business.
  3. Competitive research to understand your website’s competitive landscape and understand what is working in your industry. We use this to create a success strategy.
  4. Creating Buyer Persona to understand who are your potential customer to properly position your brand/business and build a sound content strategy (later in the campaign) to attract the right peoples. We use different data sources and continue to refine buyer persona throughout the campaign so that we stay updated about what your potential customer wants or need.

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In this stage, we analyze and improve the existing assets like a blog, pages, resources, structure, layout, etc. to get quickly increase the organic traffic.

Things we do in this stage.

  1. Website Quality Audit: Google wants to ranks high-quality websites and those who follow their webmaster guidelines. We use this report to evaluate every page and create a list of actions for every page. We also you this report for a further task like keyword research, On-Page, etc. (later in this section)
  2. Technical SEO Audit: We do complete deep technical audit to make sure no technical issue is creating a problem in your search visibility. This will also improve the website quality in the eyes of Google.
  3. Keyword Research for Existing Page: This report will check whether your current pages are targetting right keywords. We check for the intent behind the keywords and whether your page is completely fulling the intent or not. We also find semantic and secondary keyword for every page to increase the traffic potential.
  4. Content Audit: We do a content audit of the pages which has a lot of content on it. Generally, these are the blog post, guide, resource page, etc. In this audit, we go through each content page and assign the list of action to be taken on every page in order to improve each page performance and thus overall website performance.
  5. OnPage and UX: In this section, we are going to improve the On-Page and UX of pages which are very important to from the SEO perspective.

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In this stage, we are going to create news assets on a website like a blog, resources, video, landing pages, etc. to bring more potential customer to your website by targetting new relevant topics. We also use this phase to create assets which support old assets in order to bring trust and topical authority of old pages.

Things we do in this stage.

  1. Keyword Research for New Pages: In this part, we are going to find new and relevant topics and keywords for your website. These new pages can be landing page, blog post, a resource guide, etc. to get maximum traffic by targetting new keywords.
  2. Building Topic Cluster Model: We use a topic cluster model to create the topical relevancy of the keywords that we found in the previous section. This will increase the overall authority, relevancy and build the trust of the site in Google’s eyes.
  3. Creating New Assets: Once we know what pages we need to create using the above report we or you (it depends on you) build them as quickly as possible. So that the move for next phase i.e Promotion.

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In this stage, we are going to promote your website to get links, maximum exposure and more business visibility. Our goal is to find ways to promote your website and its assets as much as possible to get the maximum relevant audience.

Things we do in this stage

Building Backlinks

Backlinks are still the big ranking factor for increasing the performance of the website in search engine. So in this part, we’ll focus on building relevant and high authority backlinks for your website.

  1. Link Prospecting: We find the relevant sites and their contact details where your site can get mentions or links on their sites. We do this in the whole SEO campaign.
  2. Link Outreach: After finding the contact details of link prospects our team member contacts them using different outreach tactics to get a link back or mention to your website.

Content Promotion

To get quick traffic and to get exposure in front of a relevant audience we do content promotion. This will quickly increase the chances of getting more links, social shares, and quick traffic without ranking in the search result.

  1. Manual Content Promotion: We promote your assets on the website where your audience generally hangout like Quora, Reddit, medium, etc. This is a quick traffic generation tactic and also used to balance the link distribution between nofollow and dofollow.
  2. Influencer campaigns: In this promotion tactic we find and pitch the influencer in your industry to get maximum exposure of your business in the least amount of time. And we also negotiate with them so you don’t have to pay too much. We only do this if it is worth to your business.

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In this stage, we are going to evaluate the things we did and check which things are delivering faster and better results. This will help us to scale the things which are giving positive results so that you can get maximum business growth as quickly as possible.

Things we do in this stage.

  1. Evaluating the data: Before starting this SEO campaign we setup a data tracking (GA, GSC) and SEO reporting (at Google Data Studio) (which we also share with you) to properly track the data. So in the part, we analyze the data to gain insights like conversions, sales, ranking, traffic, etc and learn what’s working and what’s not.
  2. SEO Testing: We do split testing on page titles, schema, meta description to increase the (click-through rate)CTR and ranking. This part is applicable to large website and a site like e-commerce, job portal, etc.

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Common Fears When Hiring SEO Agency

Big Promise, Lousy Results.
There are good agencies in the market, but there many others which guarantee results or promise you for massive growth but end up giving negligible growth. In a bad case, you might waste your time and money with no results. That’s generally because of using old or bad SEO practices (next point.) But we are not like any other SEO agency. We set the expectation earlier and use our experience and expertise to drive results.

SEO requires patient and Google’s algorithm involves changes every day. So looking at the scenario neither we or anyone can say you’ll get guarantee massive or quick results. Although we have delivered results but we will not give you false hope and over-hyped growth prediction. Read Google’s guide on hiring SEO.

Use of Old or Black Hat SEO tactics.
Many SEO agencies in India either use old or black hack tactics or both. At Growth Pix we only follow Google’s guidelines to ensure your site will not hit by Google penality or receive any negative results. Read the webmaster guidelines.

Increase in Traffic but no increase in sales.
Driving traffic is not enough. Business grows from sales and leads. At Growth Pix we invest a good amount of time to find and target keywords that not only increase the traffic but sales and leads as well. We properly build a content strategy to move your potential customer from top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel or say from attention to conversion.

No proper reporting.
We use a customized SEO report which we will share with you before starting the campaign. You can check the report daily (it gets updated automatically). We also timely send other reports, docs, and ppts via email so that you’ll know what is going on your website.

Why our SEO Agency is the best SEO service for Indian Business?

We are a team of experienced Indian SEO Experts and Indian SEO Consultants who understand the Indian Market. As we are an Indian SEO company so we understand peoples psychology, behaviors and perception towards the new company and service better than other SEO companies. This will give an extra advantage to us to position your brand or business properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you charge?
We charge a monthly retainer fee for our serves. That retainer fee is built based on the number of hours required to work on your website over the life of your campaign. Those hours are then amortized into a monthly retainer amount. Fees are due at the beginning of every month to retain our agency
Is there any Extra charges included in your SEO service?

SEO involves many tasks which will consume time and you’ll never know. Since we handle the whole SEO campaign and do so many things that we can charge extra money easily. But in our service, the extra charges in the whole SEO campaign will be for content writing and link acquisition/mention/influencer cost.

  1. For Content: We’ll build the whole content strategy, list of topics and article title. We do NOT write the content for you. If you have a writer we will work directly with them. If not, we have writing partners to which you will pay directly for content writing fees. No other extra charges or commission will be added. We’ll give the estimate of content writing before starting the SEO campaign.
  2. For Link acquisition: We’ll handle the whole link building campaign from prospecting to outreach but the actual cost of link like paid submissions on high authority sites, content writing for link building campaign will not be paid by us. If we do any influencer outreach then the fees of promoting your business or product the influencer will charge which can be money, sending the product for testing, review, etc. will not be paid by us.

So you’ll have to pay extra for only for these two things. No extra charges except these. Everything will be discussed and estimation will be given to you. And we’ll also try to negotiate and bring the prices down without losing the quality in work.

Do you guarantee results?
Google ranks website using their algorithm in which we don’t have any control or any other agency. So we can’t or we do not guarantee results. That’s simple logic. If any service or agency does please take the risk at your own caution. But with the experience, using best practices as per google guidelines and getting results on other sites we can confidently say that we can help you to improve your website’s search engine performance.
Do you practice white hat or black hat SEO?
Although we only believe in improving your site visibility using the methods recommended by Google. We follow Google’s guidelines so that your website does not suffer later on. For the sake of this question, our answer is that we only use white hat SEO means no spam comments, spam directory submission, PBNs, low-quality guest posts, etc.
How long does it take to see results?

Results depend upon your business goals and competition in your industry at the search level. In a low competitive industry generally, you’ll start getting results within 3 to 6 months. In the competitive industry, results can take 12-15 months.

Although, we believe SEO is a process which you should do continuously if SEO is a big part of your sales and business growth. Especially if you are in a competitive industry continuous work is must to maintain the rankings, traffic and ultimately leads and sales.

Let’s get in touch to know how we can help you to grow traffic and sales.

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